How do I optimize my tutor profile picture?

tutor profile picture

Picking a tutor profile picture that looks like it came from your passport will not impress your students.

Here are 2 quick tips to make a tutor profile picture that will capture the attention of others:

1. Show your personality.

tutor profile picture





If you’re hair isn’t perfect, that’s ok.

Just be real and intentional with the presentation.

2. Keep it cool.

tutor profile picture




Chemists use beakers, mathematicians use calculators

Use the materials that you would use in your specialty to promote your service.

Molly Shapiro over at PicMonkey has some great ideas for optimizing your tutor profile picture:

  • Wear clothes that are appropriate for your profession. But if you feel like dressing up a bit, go for it. Going the extra mile by wearing a suit can give the impression that you’re capable and competent.
  • Smile, but don’t go overboard. You want to appear approachable and inviting without looking like you’re laughing.
  • Squinch. Yes, you heard that right. Everyone’s talking about squinching, which is basically what happens to your eyes when you smile. According to psychological research, wide eyes denote fear while slightly squinting denotes competence.
  • Experiment with angles. Some people say shooting from above works best, but everybody has a good side. Try different angles and positions to find yours.
  • Stick with the tried and true head and shoulders shot. Close-cropped head shots can feel a little overwhelming for the viewer, and full body shots don’t work well in the confines of a small profile pic.

StudyGate does not accept:

  1. Pictures of your shoes or accessories
  2. Stock photos of a random stranger
  3. Morning pre-coffee/tea selfies in your t-shirt and sandals
  4. Images of random objects or graphics

What would your student want to see in you? The most famous Studygate tutor profile pictures have an authentic vibe and communicate positivity.

tutor profile picturetutor profile picture






If you are a Studygate tutor and would like personalized tips on optimizing your profile picture, email us at <>.

Pro tip: If you can entertain students while you help them, you will never lack work!

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Four Examples Of Great Educators And What We Can Learn From Them

When I think of all the teachers I’ve ever had, I am amazed at the many roles they have to play for their students’ success. In addition to being educators, they can be mentors, role models, knowledgeable experts, a sympathetic ear, even a fellow student! Whether you’re a tutor, a schoolteacher, or a university professor, you’ll find yourself playing these roles, and the very best educators play multiple roles seamlessly. Here are a few teachers I’ve had and the lessons that all educators can learn from them.


Mrs. Berens: 4th Grade

4th grade was arguably my greatest year of school, period. I’m not kidding. I had it all: good grades, popularity, an active social life, and so much more. I also developed a genuine love of learning, which I owe to the efforts of my teacher, Mrs. Berens.

Mrs. Berens seemed to know everything and was eager to share all that knowledge with you, ready or not. She was a real-life Ms. Frizzle! We covered a ton of subjects every day: Math, Science, History, English, and did a lot of group work in each of them. I remember when she gave us multiplication speed tests, and then instructed us to get with two to three other students to compare answers and correct our work. Everything was a collaborative process in her classroom, and I loved it. The classroom itself was FULL of resources we used during our free time. There was a huge bookshelf that I loved to pick from because she always had the best books that weren’t always available in the library. It was a space designed to maximize learning, but that wasn’t even the best part. Mrs. Berens not only encouraged excellence, she expected and demanded it.

And she rewarded excellence in the best ways: special field trips, lunches, computer privileges—once, when we achieved a reading goal she had set for us, she arranged for our class to attend a movie premiere in Hollywood! She had influence!

The Lesson: Passion

I loved Mrs. Berens because she played a strong leadership role in our learning journey. She set a high standard, expected us to achieve it, and allowed us to be curious and discover new things in the process. With her, learning was a true pleasure, and I understood that attending school was not my duty, it was my privilege.



Mrs. Rosemann: 6th Grade

As an unruly 10-year-old, I lacked the self-control to focus on my studies sometimes. Take an absentminded child, add a newfound access to video games, and you’ve got a kid who’s not always paying attention in the classroom. Mrs. Rosemann changed all that.

She seemed wonderfully odd to me when I first met her. She had fiery red hair that looked out of place paired with her usual dark blazers. As it turned out, her fashion sense was a perfect illustration of the kind of teacher she was. She struck a balance between stern and empathetic, serious and silly, kind and cold. When teaching math and science, she was all business. When we got to reading and art, however, she’d prance around the room, vibrant and animated. Mrs. Rosemann ran a structured classroom, and her expectations were clearly laid out from day one. She was a strict disciplinarian: if you were caught messing around, she would call you out in front of the whole class. But she was also a free spirit who encouraged creativity from all of us. In the middle of the year, our class wrote and performed our own Greek tragedy—we made our own costumes and everything!

The Lesson: Discipline

Mrs. Rosemann introduced structure at a pivotal time in our lives. At the start of our preteen years, other things were more important than school, and she taught us to remain studious, composed, and to take our own learning seriously. Most importantly, she held us accountable for our behavior, our assignments, and for understanding the lessons. Many of the best educators emphasize that learning is also YOUR responsibility.



Ms. Bullard: 9th Grade English

Following my middle school years—where I had been puffed up and praised for doing well with relatively easy work—Ms. Bullard shattered my idea of what good academic writing was and forced me to improve my skills—or suffer the consequences…

I’ll never forget that first day: We were a bunch of arrogant freshmen, straight out of junior high, sitting at our desks, waiting to receive a worksheet to fill out for 45 minutes. But it never came.

Instead, Ms. Bullard told us to write an essay about our summer reading. With a thesis, supporting evidence, specific details, a conclusion, and everything. Without the book. Using memory alone. It was a bloodbath.

After that, the real work began. She taught us two important things about academic writing and communication in general: how you say something is as important as what you’re saying, and if you’re going to take a position, you’d better be able to back it up. Her class was rigorous. It was frustrating. It felt impossible. If you managed to break into the “A” range, you felt like a champion because you fought for it.

The Lesson: Humility

With knowledge comes pride. The best teachers give you a good kick in the shins and make you forget everything you think you know so you can start learning from a new perceptive, which ultimately makes you smarter. Even though it was a freshman English class, Ms. Bullard treated us like seniors. She expected nothing but clear, excellent writing from us, and that’s what we had to deliver if we wanted to survive. She was a relentless, unforgiving coach—just what we needed.



Mrs. Haus: 9th, 10th, and 11th Grade Biology (AND Chemistry)

Science was one of my favorite subjects in high school, and it’s all thanks to Mrs. Haus. A lot of students complained about her because she gave a lot of homework, although I later realized the reason why. Much of the learning process is repetition, and her classes were all repetition, all the time! In high school, test preparation slowly takes precedence over actual learning, but not in Mrs. Haus’ class. She taught for understanding.

In my freshman year, she gave us packets filled with a list of that week’s science terms for us to define, as well as a ton of short answer questions that we had to complete with thorough explanations. One week, we had to explain the process of Meiosis, and if we left out a single part, we could expect corrective red marks all over the page.

The devil was in the details.

Her pickiness followed me on to 10th grade, her 6 week summer Chemistry course (which was brutal), and ESPECIALLY to AP Biology, where I wrote, reviewed, and rewrote answers for her all year.

But here’s the thing: her obsession with detail was only half of her winning teaching style. She also focused on getting to know each student and our weaknesses so she could help us learn in our own ways. She knew that I’d skip over the smallest details, so she made me revise assignments again and again until I learned to be thorough.

And it worked! I scored high on the AP test!

The Lesson: Perseverance

Even though she was incredibly nit-picky, Mrs. Haus taught me that anything worth doing is worth doing correctly. Excellence is all about the small things that can make or break you, and my time with her was a testament to that fact.



The great educators in our lives have all played roles besides that of “teacher” in order to teach those core values that help us succeed. Good teachers stick to the material, amazing teachers go beyond it. The best thing about that is, every teacher has the opportunity to be a great educator if they’re willing to walk the extra mile.

For more stories like this one, study tips, homework help, and one-on-one live tutoring, check out!


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The Pain Of Traditional Tutoring, and How StudyGate Saves The Day

Let’s face it.

In-person tutoring is painful. It’s inefficient, troublesome, and painful in so many ways. And it has been for a while.

Everyone has a different experience with in-person tutoring. We’re willing to bet that most have a horror story about a tutor who was simply a waste of time and money. All of us here at StudyGate have heard these stories, and we’d like to tell you about five of the worst tutoring pains—and what we do to cure them.


Pain #1: Embarrassment and Confession

Admitting you need help is difficult. Academic culture around the world links academic achievement with positive or negative feelings of self-worth. You should feel proud when you get an A on that grueling statistics exam…

But it’s also easy to feel worthless when you get a D.

Think about it: getting a tutor means that you’re finally willing to admit to a complete stranger, “I’m supposed to understand this material, but I just don’t and I need your help”. It can be embarrassing, especially if you normally do well.

StudyGate understands that, and totally removes that element from the tutoring experience. Instead of feeling ashamed to find someone and ask for their help, we empower students to put their questions out into the world and discover a community of people who are eager to help them.

Our Homework Emergency feature allows students to post any homework question, set their price range, and watch tutors worldwide offer their help. Isn’t it a beautiful thing when you feel lost and someone gives you a hand? With StudyGate, help will always arrive.


Pain #2: Learn Less, Perform Better

Why do we send our children to Kindergarten? Is it so they can get amazing grades and get accepted to a top college by the age of 10?


We send them so they can learn basic skills and develop their ability and desire to learn new things.

But as our children grow, this goal shifts in a very troubling way. By the time a student reaches high school, learning and understanding take a backseat to scholastic achievement and attracting colleges. That’s great, but this mindset trains students to study hard for tests just so they can jump through the hoop and make it to the next level. Even worse, it motivates tutors to teach to the test, and only to the test. StudyGate puts the focus back on learning so that a student can focus on understanding concepts so they can increase their knowledge. Our Group Meeting feature allows students to study together as their questions are answered and teach one another. This service allows students to focus on understanding and learning together, rather than cramming alone.


Pain #3: Chatty Chat Chat

This one really hurts.

Imagine you’re a student who meets with a math tutor once a week. You sit down with them, take out your books, and prepare your questions. Your tutor asks how you’re doing, and you begin to tell him…

But then he launches into a 15-minute detour about your life choices:

  • He tells you to stay out of a relationship until you finish school.
  • He tells you that a career in (insert career field) is the ONLY worthwhile career, and anything else is a waste of time.
  • He goes on and on about how marriage isn’t worth the trouble and you should look out only for yourself because a partner will only bring you down…

All that is nice, but it’s NOT WHAT YOU’RE PAYING FOR.

StudyGate tutors are here to teach, period. In our live online sessions, you only pay for every minute you use, and every minute is used to answer your questions. That’s all. Seriously, take a look! We skip all the unsolicited life advice and get to work!



Pain #4: High Learning Curve

Lots of people get their friends to tutor them. The problem with this is that they’ll often solve problems the way they are used to, or solve them without much explanation. It’s frustrating and demoralizing. A tutor should teach, not show off. StudyGate tutors teach to your needs. They reach out to you, so you can go as fast or as slow as you want, which means that you learn the way you want to. They’re here to help you, so take your time and get the help you need.


These pains have been a problem as long as tutoring itself has been around. Here at StudyGate, we strive to take this stress out of your way so you can focus on what really matters. Find out for yourself! To post a homework question, find a tutor for a live online session, or just find out more about us, visit us at!

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The Many Reasons Why Online Tutoring Is Definitely For You

Tutoring has really come a long way!

If you needed a tutor back in the day, you’d have to post an advertisement (a paper one!) on a bulletin board at your school or a local college and wait for a phone call. You would speak to a few candidates and find out their availability and qualifications. You’d also find out how much they charged per hour…

After you fainted, you’d get yourself together and travel all the way to the library or learning center for your first meeting, then travel all the way back home to finish all your other homework and hopefully get to bed at a reasonable hour. What a hassle!

But good news, everyone! Online tutoring is a thing of the future, and the future is NOW.

It’s a fantastic alternative that saves time, money, and energy. Still unsure about it? Here are a few reasons why online tutoring is a great investment that will do wonders for your academic career.


It’s Much More Affordable!

Cost is the biggest thing people consider when looking for a tutor. It’s also the main reason why many people decide NOT to get a tutor. Some can charge $100 or more per hour for each session! The average student doesn’t have this kind of money, and although many parents are willing to pay whatever it takes to find help, you don’t have to make that choice anymore.

You have options!

Nowadays, online tutoring costs much less than that. For example, StudyGate tutoring rates start at just $10 per hour for homework questions, and in a live tutoring session, you only pay for every minute you use . Tutors can set their own prices, and they’re nowhere near that expensive. Lower rates take the pressure off, so you can focus on quality!



Save Time!

Travel time is also a major factor in whether to get a tutor. You’re a busy student: If you got a tutor, you’d have to find time after school in between all your other activities, drive to your tutoring session, and still find time to return home, finish your homework, have dinner, and go to bed. One of the benefits of online tutoring comes from all the travel time you’ll save! You and your tutor simply agree on a regular meeting time, then you can get help without going anywhere at all. Spend less time traveling from Point A to Point B and more time calculating the distance between them!


You’ve Got Gadgets And Gizmos Aplenty!

Let’s face it, tutoring has always been a little…clunky. Your tutor would show up with a couple of messy notepads and old textbooks, maybe a whiteboard if they wanted to be fancy, or maybe nothing at all. With online tutoring, you can have access to so much more! You can video chat with your tutor, and a StudyGate live session offers a virtual whiteboard that you and your tutor can write on together. This means less watching, more doing, and a lot more value for your money. Test it out for yourself!


It’s Portable!

Tutors can get very busy, and it’s always been hard to fit in with their schedules. Online tutoring allows you to decide when to meet your tutor, and the location doesn’t matter! Have a quick live session in the library after class if you want to get a good grasp of the material. Maybe meet with a tutor in the morning or on weekends if your school schedule keeps you on the go. Have an urgent question? Post it on our system as a homework emergency and take care of other things while your tutor finds the right answer for you. The possibilities are limitless, and the power is YOURS!


If you’ve ever had any hesitation about online tutoring, you shouldn’t. It takes all of the pain and uncertainty out of the tutoring experience, gives you more options, and leaves more time for you to get things done. Trust us, you’ll see a huge difference in no time! When you decide to give online tutoring a try, look no further than! Our service is 24/7 and we’ve got plenty of world-class tutors ready to help you!

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Get More Work! Tutors, Here’s How To Market Yourselves To Students!

Tutors, Market Yourselves To Students

All of us at StudyGate are pleased to work with brilliant people all over the world. You’re professors, students, tutors, writers, and lifelong learners with boundless knowledge that you’re kind enough to share with students. Therefore, we want you to get as much work as you want and we’re going to share ways you can market yourselves to students, so you can do exactly that.

When students post questions on StudyGate, they’re looking for three things: Quality, Credibility, and Care. Basically, they want to know that their tutor can definitely answer their question, knows what they’re talking about, and actually wants to help them. Express these successfully, and students will always come back for more. Here is a question from a student called Angela. Let’s look at a few examples of bids that will show you what and what not to do.

Question: I need someone to help me edit my economics paper.



Tutor Reply: I can do your assignment. Accept my offer nw. Yes. I can handle


This is a terrible way to attract students. It does not answer the student’s original question, and it tells us nothing about the tutor’s skills and qualifications. Your bid is the first contact you have with a student. The way you message them determines how they see you and whether they decide to trust you. Without any relevant information, this tutor’s message seems a little pushy, and the student will likely ignore it.



Tutor Reply: Hi, it would be a privilege to review and edit your economics paper, ensuring clarity and fantastic style. Publishing is my life’s work. As a design coordinator at Cornell University, I work with designers, production editors, and copywriters in turning manuscripts into published books. Our  goals are to produce and disseminate excellent scholarship… At your request, I can provide more information about my skills, experience, and qualifications.


This reply is fine but has potential. The tutor begins by offering to help and promising a great result. They go into a long career summary before offering to share more about their career–this is where it all goes wrong. Again, students just want to know that you’re interested and can help them. They don’t have time to read a complete career summary, so keep it brief! You can include a couple sentences explaining why you’re qualified but leave it at that. Keep it moving!



Tutor Reply: Hello, I looked at your paper and feel I am a great candidate to help you for two reasons. First, I am a sociologist (Ph.D). While economics is not my primary focus, my dissertation research focused on the pharmaceutical industry which required I gain a basic understanding of the subject. I am attaching my academic resume and dissertation; I am happy to provide other writing samples as needed.


This reply is great for two main reasons. First, the tutor shows that they have already seen and understood the student’s assignment. They have taken the initiative to start working on the project before they’ve even been chosen! Nice! Second, they give a brief reason why they’re qualified, attach their resume to back it up, and offer to give more examples if needed. This tutor shows an openness that will put any student at ease. A little wordy, but it works great!



Tutor Reply: Hi Angela, there are a few theoretical gaps and shortfalls I’d like to address with you. However, you’re off to a nice start. (This tutor attached a file with feedback)


You’re probably thinking, “That’s it?”, and you’re right. It’s a very short message, but it does so many things well! The tutor addresses the student by name—remember to be personable! The message shows that they have seen the paper, read it, and thought of several ways to fix it. The way they wrote it makes the student curious and wanting to reach out for their input, creating a specific demand for their specific skills! Clever, right? The ending is very reassuring to the student and can make them feel confident in their own skills while they seek improvement. This tutor has done in one message what it takes other tutors several sessions to do: proven their worth, taken steps to solve the problem, and established trust and confidence. Bravo!


And that’s it! Marketing yourself to potential students doesn’t take much. Be friendly, take initiative to solve their problem, show that you have the answer, show that you care, and keep it as short as you can. Follow these guidelines and students will come back to you time and time again! For more tips and tutoring jobs, visit!


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Tutoring Tips: How Doing Both Sales and Tutoring Will Get You More Work

Sales and Tutoring

As site hosts, StudyGate’s job is to bring the traffic onto the website and engineer the user experience to work as smooth as possible. Once the students arrive, the tutor role is to establish solid connections with our students.

We want you to be able to focus on the earning process as much as possible, and we’re also bootstrappers. We operate in an environment where things aren’t handed to us, but we go out and claim them for ourselves. The most successful first users on SG will excel in their chosen subject area. Also critical, they will know how to sell.

As a classically trained musician, I’ve always thought of sales as a dirty word associated with selling cars and red light districts. Jim is selling his 1995 Ford Taurus on Craigslist with only 50,000 miles. This Amsterdam coffee shop is selling $10 space brownies. Since getting into education services as a textbook editor 10 years ago, I’ve slowly grown to appreciate the power of a good salesperson.

Sales isn’t scamming or selling covert products. Sales is about anticipating the needs of others.

tutoring tips

So what makes a StudyGate tutor? What is a salesperson? I think they are one and the same–a talented communicator who understands what the student is looking for and responds with a useful solution. If a student is worried about getting quick homework help, a successful tutor will move quickly. If a parent is concerned about getting their son or daughter connected with a thorough subject expert, the tutor seeks to ensure the pairing is a good fit before making an offer.

Above all, a successful tutor asks good questions. As this site continues to grow, I recommend the following tactics to maximize opportunity:

Tutoring Tips #1 

Message students before making an offer, especially if the information is unclear.

Something like “Hi, I saw your post and wanted to make a bid. Is this Q still open?” lets you gauge how quickly the student is looking to move and whether they really want to work with you.

Tutoring Tips #2 

Keep messaging simple.

Don’t get elaborate talking about your awesomeness. Do try and guess what is needed. Starting sentences with “It looks like you need help with . . .” or “It seems to me that . . .” followed by “Have I got that right?” show you care about solving the problem.

Tutoring Tips #3 

Keep it professional with good grammar.

Emojis are also cool, especially since 3 years of age difference is already enough to make a generational disconnect. Remember this is a client. If there is a dispute, you’ll want to be able to respond objectively without the “friend” tag.

So that’s it! Sales is all about front-end time to concisely address the student’s concerns. Successful tutors will excel at guessing these concerns in advance and give the student exactly what they want. Good luck, and tutor away!

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How to Tutor on StudyGate: Online Tutoring Prep Advice for Tutors

how to tutor on StudyGate

Congrats, your tutoring offer has been accepted! Here are effective tips for how to tutor on StudyGate.

How to Tutor on StudyGate STEP 1. Confirm Browser

StudyGate tutoring currently works with only Google Chrome and a computer.

how to tutor on studygate-confirm browser

If you don’t already have it, you can download Google Chrome here:

How to Tutor on StudyGate STEP 2. Download Screenshare Extension

Let your student see exactly what you are seeing.

how to tutor on StudyGate_screenshare

Get the screen sharing extension to ensure full functionality:


How to Tutor on StudyGate STEP 3. Test the Site 

Time to start up your tutoring engines. Let’s make sure everything works!

how to tutor on StudyGate_test

Here is the demo:


There are some buttons on the left. We’ll go over them from the top down, but if the color is blue, the functionality is on.

●Screen Sharing

best online tutoring screen sharing



Screen is for screen sharing. The window size can be adjusted as needed. We know you have big ideas to share!

● Whiteboard

best online tutoring whiteboard

Whiteboard lets your student see everything you draw on the screen as you explain key concepts.

best online tutoring coming soon

NOTE: This functionality doesn’t work yet, but all others do.


best online tutoring editor

Editor is for writing code. You can toggle between editor and whiteboard without losing your work, but the functions display one at a time.

● Text chat

best online tutoring text chat

Text chat is just that. With your student.


Record doesn’t work yet, so you can ignore it. This button will eventually let you record tutoring sessions for later review.

●Camera and Mic

best online tutoring camera and mic

Chrome will ask permission to use your camera and microphone. Just click ‘accept’ to turn them on. The StudyGate platform will automatically publish your live stream, but you can turn them off if the Internet connection is weak.


best online tutoring publish

If you republish, you can use HD or SD. SD is best for slow connections.


That’s it! Let us know if we can improve on this tutorial by emailing and we’ll get some snap on that crackle.


Love from LA,

-The StudyGate Team

how to tutor on studygate_tutoring tips

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5 Math Apps to Amp Up Your Online Math Tutor Sessions

Math Tutoring App

After you’ve got a couple weeks’ worth of online tutoring sessions under your belt, you may sense a bit of monotony creeping into your routine, especially if you only tutor a select few subjects. This is normal for teachers and math tutors alike; once you establish a pattern that’s generally successful for you and your clients, you tend to stick to it. However, if you’re looking for quick and easy ways to revamp your online tutoring sessions, check out these five neat math apps that are fun and easy for all involved.


Named after the Japanese word for “memorization”, Anki allows users to create custom flashcards in over 35 different languages. The app then helps you track your progress to determine which cards you struggle to remember. The app is available for download on iOS and Android devices, as well as through your web server.


Knowvio offers users thousands of interactive study questions in the following subjects: physics, calculus, chemistry, biology, microbiology, economics, and statistics. If you answer a question incorrectly, the app offers you a step-by-step explanation of how the correct answer was obtained, which reinforces difficult concepts. Knowvio apps are available for download on Google Play and iOS devices.Math Tutoring_math app


CK-12 offers help with algebra, geometry, trigonometry, chemistry, biology, and physics. Online math tutors and students alike can watch tutorials on specific concepts within a subject, and take quizzes when they’re ready to test their knowledge. The app gives users a handy sketchpad to work out equations directly on their devices and tracks users’ progress over time. Best of all, it’s completely free to download on iOS, Android, and the web.

DragonBox Algebra 5+

For younger students who are reluctant to complete extra practice when they need it,  DragonBox Algebra 5+ offers two levels for students under 12 and 12-17. It’s essentially a game that “secretly” teaches algebra through puzzles that don’t seem like work. The app’s website offers additional materials like worksheets and notes to accompany the games. It’s available to download on iOS and Android devices and is especially powerful when used with an online math tutor.math tutoring_math help


Another game based app for reluctant learners, GeometrIQ allows students to advance to higher levels of the game by solving geometry problems of varying difficulties. There are three packages of the app that offer 99 different games altogether. The first package is free to download on iOS and Android devices, while the next two are a reasonable $1.99 each.

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The Best Companies for Traditional Tutor Jobs in Los Angeles

tutor jobs in LA

Los Angeles is one of the largest, most diverse and dynamic cities in the United States that’s teeming with opportunities of persons of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. This includes tutors like you! There are several large tutoring companies in the City of Angels that can also be found in other major cities, but there are only a select few that offer you the chance to tutor students face-to-face in some of the best neighborhoods in the world. We’ve narrowed down our top three picks for tutors looking to forgo online tutoring for the brick-and-mortar tutor job experience.

tutor job opprotunies in LA

Tutor Jobs in LA: LA Tutors 123

Located in Beverly Hills, LA Tutors 123 allows their tutors to meet with students in their homes or an agreed upon public location. Your tutoring domain is based on the area in which you live, so all of your clients will be right within your reach. Hours are flexible, and there is the potential for tutors to work fulfill if they demonstrate consistently positive client reviews and an excellent work ethic. To be considered for a position, tutors must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, a minimum 3.5 GPA, and reliable transportation.

Tutor Jobs in LA: Altier Tutors

tutor jobs in LA

Tutors at Altier Tutors have the opportunity to work with students from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade in subjects ranging from foreign languages to AP test preparation. Tutors work with clients in their homes or in a specified public location, and fees begin at $85 per hour for students K-5, so tutors are taking home a hefty paycheck. Tutors can contact the Los Angeles office by phone or email to see if they qualify for a position.

Tutor Jobs in LA: Intelligentsia, Inc.

Intelligentsia allows tutors to work as many hours with as many students as they can fit into their schedules without restrictions. You’re expected to transport yourself to your clients, so support staff match you with students as close to you as possible for your convenience. If you’re tutoring students to prepare for AP tests or the SAT, Intelligentsia will provide you with the most recent test accompaniment materials to ensure you’re providing clients with the most up-to-date information.

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Not all Tutoring Jobs are Created Equal: What to Expect From Different Tutoring Organizations

tutoring rates_review of online tutoring companies

If you’ve decided you’re ready to start using your knowledge base to help others and become a tutor, great! Tutors are essential to provide students with direct, one-on-one instruction time that they may not get in a regular classroom setting. Tutoring jobs are certainly plentiful, but they’re offered by unique organizations with a specific set of requirements and tutoring rates. Check out our handy chart to help you research which organization will be the best fit for your skills and wallet.

Name of Company

In-person or online

Average Tutoring Rates

Additional Info




Approved tutors are ranked based on system activity and successful interactions with students. Tutors set their own rates and choose the subjects they wish to assist in. Direct messaging with students is possible before services are provided.


Online and In-person


Creating a Wyzant tutoring profile allows you to search for jobs by subject and location. Tutoring rates depend on the client, and the average client receives two jobs offers per week.


In-person at company centers

$13/hr. average

Tutors apply to work at Sylvan centers in their area where they meet with clients of all ages. Long-term employment can lead to promotion to center manager.


$12-15/hr. average

Tutors must be at least a college sophomore or higher to qualify. Bonuses are awarded for tutoring more difficult subject matter.

Varsity Tutors


$18/hr. average

Clients can request for tutors to work with them online or travel to their location. Bonuses can be awarded for tutoring test preparation.

Craigslist Tutoring



Craiglist allows people to post their individual job needs, so pay, availability and location all depend on the client and his or her needs.

AVID Tutoring



 AVID tutors work alongside classroom teachers to deliver college preparatory material to high school and middle school students. Enrollment in a science, math, or liberal arts degree program is required.



$20/hr. average

Chegg offers flexible tutoring options that let you tutor on your schedule and in your best subject. Tutors earn bonuses for tutoring subjects that are in high demand.

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How to Become an Online Math Tutor in Three Easy Steps

online math tutor_math help

The demand for online math tutors has increased significantly in the past several years; after all, the demand for highly skilled, mathematically trained workers like engineers and information technology professionals has increased in this digitized era as well. While the demand may be high, only the most qualified tutors get the chance to impart their knowledge on clientele. If you’re thinking of becoming an online math tutor, but don’t know where to start, follow this easy, three-step method, and you’ll soon have a schedule jam packed with online tutoring sessions!

Become An Online Math Tutor Step 1: Get educated.

online math tutor_become an online math tutorJust like any other professional career, candidates who are the most highly qualified will be selected as private online tutors. This means achieving the highest level of education you can afford; remember that students and parents are looking for someone who is an expert in the field. A Bachelor’s degree will allow you to tutor high school and undergraduate students, while a Master’s will qualify you to give assistance to graduate students. A Ph.D is the highest educational certificate you could achieve. Majoring in math is essential, and it doesn’t hurt to add a minor in a related subject like economics or accounting.

Become An Online Math Tutor Step 2: Get experienced.

Tutoring experience is almost, if not equally, as important as your education because it’s a show of putting your knowledge to the test in a practical environment. All the math knowledge in the world is of no use to tutees if you don’t know how to deliver it! You can start gaining tutoring experience even before you get your degree by volunteering at your university or local library. In this manner, you’ll be fully prepared to take on paid online tutoring jobs after you’re fully qualified.

Become An Online Math Tutor Step 3: Gather your clients.

online math tutor_online tutoring serviceOnce you become a tutor approved on StudyGate, you’ll gain access to clients who are a perfect fit for you. StudyGate’s platform takes all the guesswork out of searching for potential tutees by bringing them straight to you, eliminating the need for online networking or handing out business cards and flyers. Treat your clients well and meet their individual needs, and you’ll have quite the reputation before you know it!

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